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Growing up is hard. And to a child, the world can be a scary place. We, as adults are able to articulate what is going on in our world. Children do not have the cognitive ability or the word power to talk about what they are thinking and feeling. Their communication comes in the form of play. Expressive therapies, such as play, art, and sandtray become the medium in which children are able to process and communicate what is going on in their world, much like how “talk therapy” works for teens and adults.

Children struggle for many reasons. Emotional regulation, transitions, and various traumas, such as abuse, bullying, and divorce are just some things children need help processing. Usually, these struggles reveal themselves through unwanted behavior and acting out. Child therapy, utilizing, both directive and non-directive approaches can help your child not only process, but communicate what they are or have experienced.

If you believe your child is struggling and needs help making sense of their world, please contact us for a free 15-minute consultation.

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